3 Main Causes Of Hair Loss And What To Do

Picture this, looking at the mirror every morning, and over time you realize that your hairline is receding fast. Well, this might cause a whole lot of issues, including pushing your confidence levels low. Several reasons may cause receding hairlines or baldness altogether.

To understand this better, it is important for you to note that hair is protein filament that grows from follicles found in your dermis. It is estimated that as an average person, you will lose between 50 and 100 hair filaments in a given day. Besides the natural causes of hair loss such as your genetics, several other reasons may cause the same, and these reasons include the use of chemical treatments, exposure to the side effects of some medications, low diet, psychological issues, and others.

There are several solutions to rectify these issues, hair replacement for men being one of them. To find the best solution, you must be aware of the source or the cause of loss of your hair loss. The reasons range from genetic causes or as a result of injuries. Once you are well aware of the causes, then you will be in a better position to find the most suitable solution.

These are some of the common hair loss causes and the possible solutions these include genetics, medical issues, and injuries.

Genetic causes

Research shows that Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of genetic hair loss. It is estimated that 35 million men suffer the effects of this condition in the United States with women trailing with an estimated number amounting to 21 million individuals.

Genetics is defined as inherited features or characteristics. You might experience receding hairline or hair loss due to the same being exhibited in most of the members of your family lineage. Technology and creativity have resulted in a wide range of ways and methods being used to correct this issue.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of the methods that are highly recommended by a Beverly Hills FUE treatment experts. This method is an outpatient procedure that involves the extraction of a small number of follicles from the area of the scalp that are considered to be genetically stronger and placed to your thinning or areas experiencing hair losses. If done properly, the results of this procedure can hardly be noticed.

Finding the best hair replacement for men services near you is not as hard, thanks to technology and spirited campaigns which feature celebrities.

Medically related issues

Illnesses and some treatments can subject you to hair losses or receding hairlines. A good example is cancer. This medical condition, and its treatments, which include radiotherapy and chemotherapy, have terrible side effects. Hair loss is considered as the main side effect of the cancer treatments and intensity, or the frequencies of the treatment procedures will determine the extent of your hair loss. Though sometimes these medical procedures are your best hope.

Sudden and extreme weight loss procedures and psychological stress will also lead to hair loss. Other reasons which can lead to hair loss are skin based infections such as ringworms. There are several hair replacement services that are meant to rectify your hair loss if you are a victim of one of these medical conditions or procedures.

Hair loss as a result of injuries

Accidents are unfortunate events, and sometimes you might get injuries that might affect your scalp, forcing you to undergo corrective surgeries. These surgeries can cause large sections of your scalp to experience hair losses once the wounds are completely healed.

Los Angeles hair restoration services boast of the state-of-the-art technologies designed to restore the hair that you so loved. Hair replacement for men services will play a key role in restoring your confidence if your hair plays a key role in your esteem.

Your quest for the hair replacement for men services is predetermined by several reasons including, the extent of the hair loss, cost implications, and your location. Consider these factors carefully and seek services from professionals.

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