Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy is Beneficial for a Number of Different Conditions

Chronic lyme disease treatment

Did you know hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy is for more than just the bends? for years, divers suffering from the bends have been given hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment to alleviate their problems, and that has become the most well-known association with this treatment. However, there are many more conditions that are cured or greatly aided by the use of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.

What is hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy? This treatment is when a patient is enclosed in a chamber, into which a higher concentration of oxygen is pumped. The patient breathes in this higher concentration of oxygen, which increases the level of oxygen in the blood. This oxygenated blood flows through the body to the source of the problem, and oxygen’s many healing capabilities help to expedite the healing process.

Many of the conditions treated by this hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment are much more common than the bends. Among other things, this treatment allows patients with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), traumatic brain injuries, stroke, radiation necrosis and chronic pain syndromes once again live pain free. This therapy is also used to treat patients with Lyme disease.

These hyperbaric oxygen treatments require very little work on behalf of the patient, which is always good. All the patient is required to do is sit or lay in the oxygenated environment within the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, and breathe. Inhaling this higher concentration of oxygen is what is helping them heal, so there are no extra actions necessary.

Some people, especially those that are claustrophobic, are a little bit hesitant to participate in this therapy, because they are wary about being closed in a chamber full of oxygen. The good news is, many chambers are large enough for several patients to sit comfortable. Regardless, while the patient is receiving treatment, they’re often allowed to read, or watch television, or listen to music. Anything that will make them more comfortable while they’re passing the time. Find out more at this site.

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