How to Unwind as a Mom

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If you’re a mom, then chances are you’re constantly feeling like you’re on the edge of your nerves. Children are so wonderful and there are studies that show that women who have children in their lives are so much happier than without but sometimes kids can just really stress you out. This is particularly true when the children are done and extremely dependent on you. Although, having said that, the struggles just change as they get older but they don’t get any easier. If you find yourself needing to get some time to yourself, then here are a few ideas of things that you can do. The number one requirement for all of these is, find a babysitter.

Theraputic Massage Therapy
The best massage therapy that money can buy are the kind that aren’t necessarily trying to get to the root of the problem. This is when your massage therapist gently works out knots and tension in your back in such a way that could possibly put you to sleep. There are many kinds of massage therapy that are available, but as a mom, started with the gently kneading type known as therapeutic massage. If you really enjoy it then you might be able to move up and around and experiment with other kinds of massage therapy but if you just need to get an hour to yourself and relax, there’s no better relaxation then having your back gently worked on.

Manicures and Pedicures
The great thing about a manicure and pedicure is that it lasts long after the appointment is over. Sure, you’ll get an amazing couple of hours to yourself where you’ll have your hands and feet taken care of and it feels great but then you have to go back home. However, once you are home and the craziness of mom life returns, you can just take a look at your freshly polished hands and feet (that were allowed to dry before anyone could run over your toes with a toy truck or grab your hands) and remember who you are. It might sound silly but as moms, it’s easy to lose yourself. Doing simple things like manicures and pedicures or even getting a hair cut or color will help you to hold on to who you want to be instead of giving everything up for the sake of the kids.

This is important for your physical body as well as your mental well being. Every day you should take at least 30 minutes to go for a walk or do an exercise video. If you can make it to the gym, that’s even better. If you can’t do every day then aim for three times a week to begin with and work your way up from there. After a couple of weeks of consistency, you’ll find that you have more energy, better stamina, higher confidence and will even start noticing a different in the post baby body.

Coffee Dates
One of the best things that you can do as a mom is to become friends with other moms. However, you don’t want to forsake your friendships with people who don’t have kids either. Although they may not understand that you can’t go out at the drop of a dime or that nap time is not a good time to come over because it’s the only time you have to yourself, it’ll remind you that there is more to your life than just kids. Parents fall into the dangerous habit of only being able to talk about their children. Going for coffee with an old friend which whom you have more in common than just your children, is a great way to have adult conversation with someone and not talk about your children the entire time.

Play Dates
Coffee dates with kid-less friends is great and then play dates with other moms is also fantastic. You would think that having a lot of kids around is more stressful than just your kids, but there is a great thing that happens when kids get together; they play together. This means that they are out of your hair for a little while. You’ll be able to have grown up conversations and enjoy one another’s company while the kids entertain each other.

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