How to Make a Difference Smile

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Ah, smiling. It doesn’t matter what kind of smile designs someone has, it could be dentures or dental implants, whatever; when you are having a bad day and someone flashes you a genuine smile, it makes all the difference. So, that’s why you want to see your dentist often and make sure your smile designs are just right so that you can feel confident enough to smile as much as you can. Here are a few ways that a smile has made a difference.

Susan’s Grocery Shopping Experience
Susan is a mom of three boys. They are the sweetest, craziest and most energetic children she has ever seen. And today is grocery shopping day. She dreaded grocery shopping day. They get to the store and the kids are yelling and playing and grabbing things from the shelves. They’re playing tackle football in the freezer aisle and basketball with the apples. People are constantly flashing her disapproving looks and mumbling snarky comments under their breath. But, when she gets to the cash register, the cashier gives you the biggest smile and says ‘I always wanted to have all boys, you’re so lucky!’ All through the time she is cashing out, the cashier is smiling chatting with her, apparently oblivious to the ruckus Susan’s boys are causing. When she leaves, the cashier waves goodbye and says, ‘Enjoy them, they won’t be young forever.’ Now, every time she gets frustrated with motherhood, she remembers the cashier’s smile and determines that she will enjoy the craziness of life with boys.

Larry’s Day at Work
Larry didn’t know why he’d been offered this job. He felt completely unqualified and so did his new co workers apparently. No one welcomed him, no one talked to him and everyone seemed annoyed that they hadn’t hired someone in house. He was ready to quit, hours into his first day when he met Sophie. She was sitting at a table in the cafeteria when he walked in on his lunch break. She smiled broadly and waved like she knew him. He looked over his shoulder to make sure she doesn’t waving at someone else. She must have gotten her smile designs custom made! There was no one behind him so he cautiously waved back. She motioned for him to come and sit down. He got his food and made his way to Sophie’s table. There, she introduced herself and welcomed him to the company. They chatted for the whole hour and went back to work. Larry stayed working at the company because of Sophie’s smile. He now has an established career and is quickly making his way up the ladder.

Rochelle’s Road Rage
When that silver Toyota cut Rochelle off, causing her to swerve off the road, she threw her door open and ran up to the car, ready to let her anger loose. However, when she got there she found a new mother with her baby in the car, crying. The mother told Rochelle that her baby had been crying and she didn’t know what to do. She panicked and switched lanes, hoping to pull off the road and didn’t see Rochelle’s car. Rochelle melted and smiled at the new mother. After chatting and ensuring no one was hurt and no damage was done to the cars, Rochelle hugged the new mother and wished her luck. What Rochelle didn’t know is that the new mother was on the edge of a nervous break down. If she had gone over there, guns blazing, who knows what that would have done to the mother. But the smile gave her the hope to press on and keep going.

A smile says, “Be happy” or perhaps “I’m there for you” or even “I hope you have a good day.” There are so many things that you can say with your smile that it’s important to make sure that you take care of your teeth. Your smile designs could change someone’s day or even life for the better. Don’t take your teeth for granted. Find a dental office near you so that you can get regular check ups and make sure to have good oral habits at home to. You want to change the world? It’s going to happen one smile at a time.

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