How Family Counseling Can Lead to Healing and Growth

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This world we live in can be an overwhelming one, difficult and arduous to navigate. Societies have been built on certain perspectives, supposed ideals, and ambitions that have done nothing to help foster a clear, centered understanding of the world. People are told to get it together, without being provided with the tools to truly comprehend themselves or the people around them. Mental illnesses are viewed with a stigma. Symptoms are treated, rather than the causes behind them.

Luckily, therapy services are now becoming more accepted as a productive means of making a difference. Where it was once viewed, and unfortunately still is in some circles, as a course of action only to be taken for those with major problems and on the outskirts of society, therapy is now seen as a tool to cope with the everyday stresses and responsibilities.

Family counseling to heal and grow

From anxiety and depression to addressing the aftermath of traumatic situations, therapy is an invaluable tool for individuals to heal, learn to manage, and move forward. It can also be incredibly effective in addressing issues that have arisen within families or marriages and partnerships. People are meant to interact with one another. No man or woman is meant to be an island. And when you step back to see the big picture, you can see how similar it is to the micro version, because what is ultimately most important is how we interact with and treat each other. If everyone grew up learning that true human connection is the key, we would all be in a better place collectively.

That being said, especially in the world that we have created to exist the way it currently does, it is often much more easily said than done to always know how to interact in the appropriate manner. Therapy and family counseling attempts to address those issues by dealing with them at the root. Learning how to repair and maintain the relationships with those closest to you is the first step in creating a world where everyone peacefully and happily coexists together.

Common issues in today’s society

Mental illnesses and issues are far too prevalent in today’s society. About 11% of adolescents have some sort of depressive disorder or another by the time they reach 18 years of age. If this isn’t a major red flag about the mentality that this country fosters, it is hard to say what would be. It is difficult enough to realize that these issues plague so many, at such a young age, but even worse is the idea that a very large portion never seek proper help or treatment. In fact, half of all Americans who do have major issues with depression never seek out treatment. And that is on top of the issues created by those who never developed successful techniques to deal with the differences they might have with others, creating rifts in families and relationships. This is why family counseling can be such a critically important management tool.

Letting the family therapist work magic

One study showed that more than 98% of couples responding to the survey who had been through couple’s therapy said that they were able to get help that they either considered to be good or excellent. And more than 97% said that they had indeed gotten the help from their therapist that they set out to find in the beginning. Another 93% of respondents declared that after working with a family or marriage therapist, they now felt that they carried more effective tools for addressing their issues. On top of that, these individuals also said that they noticed a positive change in their physical health, and they were better able to function and focus at work. At first glance, these results might seem fictional or the work of some sort of magic. But this is what can happen when people open up to the possibility of working together, and delving into a problem to address its root cause, rather than its symptoms or byproducts. It is not the therapist working some type of mystical magic, it is the power of cooperative family counseling.

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