From Ankle Sprains to the Flu Walk-In Clinic Effectiveness

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Ankle sprains. Lacerations. Chronic back pain.

These conditions, one chronic and two not, cause significant distress in every day life. They can create significant emotional distress, from mood imbalances, agitation, irritation, low mood or any other conditions that arise with physical ailments.

Fortunately, these are conditions that can be treated with effectiveness in certain settings. While many with these conditions suffer without treatment, waiting for a doctor’s appointment or not wanting the expense of an emergency room, some opt for another treatment option: the 24-hour clinic.

These clinics specialize in treating conditions that come up. They are open 24 hours because people get injuries at all hours and sometimes those injuries can’t wait to be treated until the next day, or hour, or minute. They need to be treated now.

The clinics, including general urgent care or the Immediate Clinic, all have the opportunity to treat conditions as patients come in. And places like the Immediate clinic can fix problems, treat conditions, and manage chronic conditions within a certain time frame that simply the regular physician cannot.

Imagine the following scenario: You gain an injury playing basketball. It’s a high ankle sprain and it hurts so much you cannot put weight on it without sharp pain shooting up through your entire leg. It’s so much that you need to lean on walls to get around.

What do you do?

Calling a doctor and setting up an appointment to deal with the high ankle sprain may take days. Doctor’s offices are sometimes backed up; appointments can only be made in accordance with the time frame the doctor has set out.

Going to the emergency room will result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending on the type of insurance that you have. X-rays, checks for heart attacks, sitting in the emergency room wing of the hospital will result in fees–sometimes hundreds of dollars, while your deductible eats away just a little.

If more treatment is needed, the cost could run into the thousands.

Then you hear of the Immediate Clinic, which is a kind of urgent care. They have physicians, lots of them, that treat conditions as patients come in, no appointment needed. You realize that this clinic can treat your high ankle sprain and any other condition that you have.

You go in; they treat you. They give you a splint and give you instructions about how much weight to put on it, for how long it will take you to recover. You think about recommending the Immediate Clinic to a friend. You research. You take a look. And then you see which injuries they treat. The number is large.

  • Dehydration and dizziness
  • Cuts and burns
  • Aches and pains
  • Bites and rashes
  • Wheezing, warts, viruses, and vomiting
  • Bladder infections and ear aches

And so much more.

The truth is:

  • 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day
  • 65% of those aged 60 years or older experience dizziness and loss of balance
  • 69% of Americans say back pain affects their day to day lives
  • By 2030, 60% of baby boomers will be dealing with a chronic condition

And of course, there is the physical therapy. Physical therapy is a set of theories and practices that are designed to have someone recover from chronic conditions or a specific injury. They are often used in cases where something has been damaged significantly. In other cases, it’s used to treat conditions that reoccur frequently.

In the case of back pain, a patient may come in expecting to receive a applicable solution to their problem. One that is easy to apply. Back pain is instrumental in causing distress. It can also lead to mood issues. Fortunately, many 24 hour clinics have specific physical therapy equipment that can handle back pain and treat it thoroughly.

Physical therapy equipment in 24 hour clinics are equipped to deal with the serious root issues of back pain. They also treat the chronic parts of the pain. Physical therapy equipment helps stretch out the back and make it more pliable. Physical therapy equipment may be used in some sort of exercises that strengthen certain muscles in the back.

Physical therapy equipment within a 24 hour clinic is a sign that the 24 hour clinic treats more than just the simple ailments or conditions or illnesses that need a quick solution.

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