Eating Wholefoods For Better Health


Currently, there are seventeen thousand and six hundred certified organic ranches, farms and food related businesses across the nation. It can be said that there will likely be more and more of these popping up as consuming organic foods is rapidly growing in popularity due to the health benefits that come along with it. Choosing wholefoods above the rest eliminates much of the fat and harmful ingredients that are found in the normal things people eat. The Father of Medicine known as Hippocrates states that ‘let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.’ What he means by this is eating right can help keep your body free of illnesses and also cure it better than most medicine. Consuming wholefoods is also recommended for those looking to go on a detox diet plan as it eliminates toxins from your body and replaces them with natural nutrients.

An intolerance of gluten typically results in digestive problems that can be anywhere from mild to severe, and Celiac disease is often triggered by gluten. Countless studies have shown that a diet consisting of wholefoods with minimal processed foods can reduce the risk of many forms of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and type two diabetes. Going on a healthy weight loss diet consisting of whole foods will not only allow you to lose weight in a healthy manner, but also helps your body fight certain diseases and illnesses. Extensive research has linked pesticide exposure to increase rates of leukemia, breast cancer, brain tumors, obesity and other developmental problems which further backs the idea of eating natural for better health.

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