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Three Levels of Healthcare Which to Choose

Colds. Coughs. Allergies. Broken bones. Splints. Bronchitis. The flu. Strep throat. Sexually transmitted diseases. High blood pressure. High cholesterol. Diabetes. Type I and type II. Infections. Lacerations. Edema. Heart palpitations. Pneumonia. These are common or not so common illnesses and injuries. What should you do when one occurs? One of the greatest challenges faced by […]

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The Importance of Understanding the Difference Between Emergency, Primary, and Urgent Care

It may seem hard to believe that at one time, urgent care facilities were frowned upon and considered “Doc-in-a-Box” clinics. Fast forward to today, and urgent care facilities as well was mobile health clinics and even walk in health clinics are all considered integral aspects of the American health care system. These kinds of facilities […]