Clinical drug development

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Becoming Part of a Clinical Study

When experimental drugs and treatments are presented for the first time, they must go through clinical trials to determine whether they are beneficial towards humans, or whether they have any averse side effects. Medical research studies and clinical studies are important because they can help researchers determine the effectiveness of a drug and treatment before […]

Clinical drug development, Clinical drug development alabama, Phase 1 clinical trial alabama

Three Things You Should Know Before Participating in a Clinical Study

Did you know that before a drug can make it to the market for doctors to prescribe to their patients, it must go through 12 years of testing, which costs something to the tune of $350 million? This is how the Federal Drug Administration (F.D.A.) ensures that the medication is safe for people to take, […]

Clinical drug development, Clinical trials

A Brief Overview of Clinical Drug Development Trials

Have you ever participated in a clinical or medical research study? During a recent United States’ survey on clinical trials, approximately 46% of the participants claimed to “somewhat agree” that participating in a clinical study is as valuable as donating blood. According to the same survey, 96% of the individuals polled stated that they had […]