Blame Canada Quebec Comes Under Fire for Controversial Move to Ban IVF in Women Over 42

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For single parents and couples who are unable to conceive, different types of IVF treatments allow them to achieve their dream of bringing a child — or children — into the world. Now, the Canadian province of Quebec seeks to make a controversial move by cutting IVF insurance and banning treatments in women over the age of 42.

Once considered a progressive leader in the field of infertility treatments by providing full coverage of infertility procedures, Quebec’s parliament is now under fire for moving to restrict older women from undergoing any kind of IVF procedure, claiming increased risk of IVF-related health complications in women over 42 pose a risk to both mother and baby.

The move has since reignited a classic issue regarding motherhood: How old is too old? Many older women feel that despite increased health risks and pregnancy complications, they are more mentally and financially stable to become mothers than they were at a younger age.

While the parliament maintains their main concern is regarding the health of the mother and the child, critics vehemently disagree, saying the true cause behind the cost cuts is financial. While older women who conceive naturally or via IVF due have a higher risk of complications, IVF success rates in older women are still comparable to those of younger.

IVF prices vary, however, in the United States IVF prices hover around $12,400 USD. Companies such as Google and Apple have been proponents in covering the cost of female employees who choose to freeze their eggs while they’re young for use later in life, however, Quebec is firm in cutting back costs associated with IVF treatments. In fact, should the proposed ban become a law, doctors who perform IVF treatments in women over the age threshold or refer them to doctors outside the province can be fined as much as $50,000.

Critics of the proposed ban are hoping to sway the parliament, however, it seems for now the parliament remains firm in reducing health costs.

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