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5 Wheelchair Alterations to Make Yours More Comfortable and Easy to Use

Wheelchair alteration or modification is sort of like ‘car pimping’. It allows the physically challenged to move from the traditional, boring, and standard looking wheelchairs to more personalized rides. Modifications can range from basic accessories such as new off road tires for wheelchairs, wheelchair arm pads, cushion covers, tires, and nifty little add-ons like custom […]


Healthy Home Living: What to Watch Out For

Your home is where you and the people you love most spend the most time. Clean and healthy homes are integral to people’s health and happiness. But if you’re like many people, chances are you haven’t put that much thought into how it looks, feels, and impacts your health. In fact, you may not have […]


7 Things You Should Know About Cooking with CBD Oil

As marijuana has gotten legalized throughout the country, more and more people have turned to marijuana and marijuana products as health aids. That includes things like CBD oil. The medical benefits of CBD oil are still sometimes debated. However, many people have seen improvements in their lives and in some health conditions thanks to CBD […]

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Why Chiropractors Are Increasingly Using the Activator Spinal Adjustment Tool

The chiropractic profession is concerned with addressing spinal irregularities that may have an impact on the nervous system. The chiropractic adjusting tool is an instrument that can make diagnosis and treatment easier and more convenient. Depending on your practice, you can use it for leg length analysis and for evaluating dysfunctions along the spine. This […]