Alternative Healing is Making Its Way West

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Over the past few years, increasing numbers of Americans have been seeking out, what some refer to as alternative medicine for pain relieve. In an effort to forego taking medication and doctor visits, pain sufferers are turning to more Eastern therapies. The mission to find a doctor has been replaced by the decision to find a masseur. Here are some things to know about alternative healing.

In the past year alone nearly 40 million Americans paid for massages in some way. For some, a massage therapist was necessary to correct aches and pains accumulated over their years of hard work. Others opted to buy a massage chair outright, preferring a chair massage in the comfort of their own living room whenever they feel the need. For those who set out to find a masseur, they most likely found that a massage can have many benefits to a person’s health. Research has shown that a massage can not only aid in reducing stress and muscle pain, but also help to manage depression and boost the immune system strength. For those attempting to find a masseur to fit their needs, consider reiki healing as well. Reiki is a form of body rub that focuses on key pressure points throughout the body and can aid in realigning the body and recovering from injury.

After you find a masseur, another alternative healing treatment to consider is acupuncture. This treatment, which that is gaining prominence in Western cultures, involves inserting very long, thin needles just beneath the surface of the skin at specific pressure points on the body. Although, at first glance, this treatment may sound extreme it is shown to be more successful at relieving pain than most other traditional treatments.

If you decide to find a masseur or acupuncturist be sure to consult an online directory or look for a referral from trusted family and friends. Check out this website for more.

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