A Better Alternative to Smoking Cigarettes

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Although smoking tobacco was know to adversely affect one’s health prior to the 20th century, the extent of that potential damage was unknown until the 1930s. During that time German scientists were the first to find hard evidence linking tobacco smoke to lung cancer. In the United States, a 1938 study conducted be researchers at Johns Hopkins University showed a connection between smoking tobacco and reduced lifespan.

Despite these, and other findings, Americans didn’t begin to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes en masse until the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health was released on January 11, 1964. Over the last 50 years, federal and state legislation has fostered a public climate that has become increasingly intolerant of smokers.

As of January 2014, 28 states in the U.S. have banned smoking inside of enclosed public spaces. In other places, such as college and universities, is either limited to designated outdoor areas, or is prohibited from campus grounds altogether. And as more information regarding the health dangers of secondhand smoke, it is reasonable to expect future legislation to place even further restriction on smoking.

The combination of proven health hazards, the increasing costs of cigarettes, and the limited places where smoking is permitted, has culminated with many people giving up the filthy habit. But many people are so addicted to the nicotine that quitting feels impossible. However, the nicotine vaporizer has been a boon to smokers struggling to kick the habit, and others who aren’t ready to quit, but want an alternative to smoking when among the public.

When a smoker feels the itch to light up, it isn’t the smoke their body craves, it’s the nicotine. The best nicotine vaporizers are, essentially, smokeless electronic cigarettes, that can soothe a smoker’s nicotine craving without the toxic cigarette smoke. Since no smoke is present, nicotine vaporizer cigarettes are allowed in places where tobacco cigarettes are not.

Although electronic vaporizer cigarettes emit vapor rather than smoke, this doesn’t mean that every public place will allow them. Thus, it is best to find out the house rule before “lighting up.”

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