6 Tips and Tricks for a Great Recovery from Liposuction

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It is no secret that America is facing an obesity epidemic. Liposuction has become a very popular procedure around the world, including in the United States. In 2010 it was the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure. In 2011, it was bumped up to being the third most popular popular procedure. That year, there were 205,000 liposuction procedures performed. An advancement to the process has included lasers to heat the fat that will be removed. This makes it easier for weight loss doctors to perform the liposuction procedure. One reason this is such a popular thing to do is that it is very effective at removing fat from areas that are problematic for many people. If you want to remove unwanted fat from certain trouble spots, this is very much worth the laser liposuction prices that people pay.

  1. Eat right before and after your liposuction procedure. You will have a better experience with your liposuction process if you watch what you eat before you have it done. You should avoid salt (and products like Gatorade) to prevent swelling and water retention. Limit the amount of sugar you consume because it can dampen your immune system. You can encourage wound healing by getting more protein in your diet. It is also helpful for a lot of people to eat smaller meals after the procedure.
  2. Get out and walk. When you are out and about, walking is the best thing, you help boost the circulation in your body and this helps with the healing process. The laser liposuction prices may be high so you want to get the most from the procedure. The sooner you get up and get moving after you have your procedure completed, the better you will feel. Most medical weight loss doctors tell people that they should rest for the first day and keep their heart rate from getting too high in the early stages of recovery but getting up and walking around at a level can really help.
  3. Drink a lot of water. You want to stay hydrated after any surgical procedure and liposuction is no different. Doctors suggest that people drink a lot of water and low calorie beverages. They recommend that people do not drink too many beverages with carbonation and that they avoid sports drinks like Gatorade, which promotes fluid retention and can lead to increased swelling. Adding fruits like watermelon to your diet can help a lot as well.
  4. Listen to your body. Liposuction may be considered to be minor surgery but it is still surgery and your body needs to recover. This can be traumatic and may take up to six weeks for your system to fully recover. If you are sleepy, you should sleep. If you are thirsty, have some water. The laser liposuction prices may have been high so you may not want to eat after you have this done but if you are hungry, your body is telling you it needs fuel and you should give it some.
  5. Listen to your doctor. When you have a liposuction procedure, your doctor and their staff will send you home with a list of instructions. You need to follow those instructions to the letter. They put them together to make sure your have the best experience possible with your liposuction treatment. If you have problems that you think are unusual or troublesome, do not hesitate to contact your doctor’s office and ask. There are things that happen after a surgical procedure that may be upsetting. They may not mean anything but if you are concerned, you should call your doctor’s office.
  6. Treat your scars. There are things you can do to reduce scarring after a liposuction procedure. The simple act of rubbing the area with your finger can improve blood flow and reduce the formation of any scar tissue. You can also use vitamin E or C on the wound. There are a number of creams and ointments that can be applied to reduce the likelihood of a scar. You should always put sunscreen on any area that may be exposed to UV rays.

You can help make sure the laser liposuction prices were worth it by following these tips to have a much better experience.

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