5 Wheelchair Alterations to Make Yours More Comfortable and Easy to Use

Wheelchair alteration or modification is sort of like ‘car pimping’. It allows the physically challenged to move from the traditional, boring, and standard looking wheelchairs to more personalized rides.

Modifications can range from basic accessories such as new off road tires for wheelchairs, wheelchair arm pads, cushion covers, tires, and nifty little add-ons like custom lighting, extra battery, sound system to make it more comfortable and efficient.

Wheelchair Alteration for Comfortability

Most of the people using wheelchairs for mobility complain about discomfort and fatigue caused by the seating. Not all wheelchairs are designed with an emphasis on making it comfortable for users. When people gain and lose weight while using wheelchairs their comfort level varies a lot. These mobility rides can become unbearably uncomfortable which makes modifications necessary.

Some of the customizations you can consider to make your wheelchair more comfortable include adding positioning aids. Support such as wheelchair footrests, armrests, and comfy cushions can aid excellent comfort as needed while significantly improving wheelchair positioning. You have several options when it comes to choosing wheelchair cushions; they include plush cushions, gel-infused, or hybrids designed with air quality and temperature control abilities.

Wheelchair Alteration for Mobility Improvement

The primary function of a wheelchair is to offer ease of movement to a disabled person. In addition to comfort, efficiency in keeping you mobile is the second most important element to consider when choosing a wheelchair. Some of the modifications to improve wheelchair mobility include investing in off-road wheels that will allow you to access different terrains. Adding a wheelchair side guard will protect you from dirt, splashes, pebbles and debris.

Umbrella for Shade

It is not unusual for a wheelchair to have an umbrella as it provides personal shade during the raining season and sun protection. Add an adjustable wheelchair umbrella holder and enjoy your time outside without fearing extreme weather conditions.

Work Tray

Another impressive and functional wheelchair alteration you can add is a working tray. This provides a proper desk for you to work on and enjoy your meals and drinks. Install an adjustable wheelchair work tray that easily folds, safe and convenient to use.


Moving from bed to the wheelchair, back to the couch, and to the wheelchair again can be an irksome job. Although not a wheelchair modification, a transfer stand is a perfect addition to support transportation for one place to another. A good stander is adjustable on both height and width to provide maximum support during transfers.

Wheelchair alterations and customization can take any shape, form and style, but focusing on comfort and efficiency should help you narrow down to what matters most to you. With plenty of modification options and possible extensions to choose from, you should have the most comfortable, best looking and mobile wheelchair out there.

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