5 Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Iphone hearing aid

Normal Checkups are an important part of everyone’s life and something that everyone should work into their schedules. Things such as overall health, eyes and hearing are things that should be checked at these appointments. Scheduling a test with your hearing doctor should be done once a year, however if you notice other problems, or new problems you have never experienced before then you should make an appointment as soon as possible to have a hearing evaluation to see if you are suffering from hearing loss or if you could possibly need a small hearing aid.

Many people suffer from hearing loss and benefit from using hearing aids. About 20% of all Americans deal with some form of hearing loss, with about 10 million people benefiting from the use of hearing aids. Hearing loss is not something that only affects the older generation, because roughly two to three children out of 1,000 suffer from some degree of hearing loss as well. This is why it is important to have annual regular checkup with your hearing doctor regardless of age. Regular check ups are vital to catch problems early, but there are other signs that could warrant a special trip to the hearing doctor for an examination.


Whether its the ring, or the person on the other end, when you have problems hearing your telephone that could be a sign that you need to see your hearing specialist. When things that were once easy to hear are no longer easy, or you have to work harder to hear that can be an early sign that things are not working as they should and need to be checked.


Another strong sign that there may be something wrong with your hearing is when there are changes in the television. When you must turn the volume up in order to hear what they are saying, or when neighbors tell you that your television is loud and they can hear, that could be a sign that you are not hearing as well as you used to and should probably make an appointment with your hearing doctor.


When you start to misunderstand what people are saying, that could signal trouble with your ears. Many times people will notice they can no longer hear as good as they once could, so in order to make up for that, they begin to read lips if they are struggling to hear what is being said. This could end up with confusion and misunderstanding. When you start looking for other ways to see what people are saying because its getting harder and harder to hear them, that would be a sign that you should visit your doctor for a hearing evaluation.

Struggling to Keep Up

When you find yourself struggling to keep up with conversations when there are multiple people talking you may have a hearing problem. Not only do you have the distraction of not being able to hear clearly, but you also have many other people talking around you. This can lead you to begin to avoid crowded loud places altogether. It can become tiresome to struggle to hear and keep up with what everyone is saying, especially when there is more than one person talking at a time.

Missing Visitors

Sometimes when people begin to show signs of hearing loss, they will not only miss hearing their phone ring but they can also miss hearing the doorbell as well. Visitors may be missed, mailmen, and package delivery. This can become a bad situation especially if bills are included in the mail that is missed. Bills can become overdue, family may start thinking something is wrong, and packages could be lost or stolen. Not hearing the door bell or knocks on your door is a sign that you should have your hearing checked by your hearing doctor soon.

Knowing when to see your hearing doctor could be important. It could be the difference between a small problem or a large problem. Catching problems early is always better than waiting.

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