4 Benefits of Receiving Regular STD Tests

It’s important to always remain protected while having sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, incidents happen in which one or more people aren’t wearing protection. After this happens, it’s important to receive STD testing. It’s advised to receive these tests after any instance of unprotected intercourse. Considering that, here are four smart reasons to receive STD tests.

  1. Protecting Yourself from Diseases

    The main benefit of undergoing STD testing is to remain safe from sexually transmitted diseases. While it isn’t a pleasant thought, you’ll never know which diseases someone is carrying. Sexually transmitted diseases are incredibly easy to pass after just a few moments of close contact. Therefore, STD testing allows you to see if you’ve caught any transmitted diseases. In turn, you’re able to receive medical treatment in order to treat these conditions.
  2. Ensuring Future Partners Remain Protected

    The benefits of receiving regular STD testing aren’t only applicable to yourself. Knowing the state of your sexual health allows you to keep current and future partners informed. In turn, you’ll able to do your part to ensure that these people remain healthy. If you haven’t received STD tests in a while, you could be unknowingly infecting your partners.
  3. Minimally Invasive

    In the past, STD testing was more invasive. However, advancements in medical technology mean that these tests are nearly as invasive as what you’re imagining. However, STDs affect various areas of the body. Therefore, it’s common for multiple STD testing methods to be used. However, many of these tests aren’t that different from what would happen during a traditional check up.
  4. Receiving Results Quickly

    After taking STD tests, it’s understandable to want results right away. No one undergoing medical testing wants to wait weeks to find out the results. Fortunately, obtaining the results for modern STD tests is a relatively fast process. This helps to minimize the time you’ll spend wondering about your test results.

In closing, there are several reasons to consider undergoing STD testing. If you’re wondering where to have these tests administered, consider visiting an urgent care clinic. These clinics employ nearly 20,000 physicians practicing in Urgent Care Medicine. In addition, statistics from the Urgent Care Association of America found that nearly 3 million people visit these locations each week. You’ll find that nearly 85% of urgent care centers are open every day of the week. In turn, choosing a nearby urgent care center means having a convenient place to receive STD testing.

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