Your Alternative to Emergency Rooms

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Throughout the U.S., there are approximately 6800 urgent care centers available for your minor medical emergencies. When going to an immediate care center, you are generally seen within 20 minutes, versus a potential hour plus wait in the emergency room. By visiting an urgent care open 24 hours, you can save significant inconvenience from the emergency room or waiting for your doctors office to open.

For most minor illnesses and minor health issues, it saves tremendous time and expense to avoid emergency room services for after hour treatment. While it may seem to be a premium option, but the convenience to see a doctor without an appointment is a relief when you start to show symptoms of a minor illness. When the doctors office is closed, sometimes these issues are not worth visiting the emergency room care, but it can be painful to wait for the doctor to open.

It is estimated that more than one third of all U.S. emergency room visits could have been taken care of faster and at less cost by visiting an urgent care open 24 hours. Generally, a minor medical office will even have the appropriate lab equipment and xrays for initial testing. Also, it is the prime location to take care of minor sprains or suspected breaks, that would not be seen immediately at the emergency room.

When visiting an urgent care facility, you also gain the flexibility to schedule assorted minor appointments for your vaccinations and physicals. When it is time to get your flu shot each year, you can eliminate the wait for an open appointment at your primary care physicians office. Also, you can schedule the yearly sports physicals or examinations relatively easily.

Finally, in anticipation of greater use of minor medical centers, there is an ongoing expansion coming across the country. According to estimates from the Urgent Care Association of America, more than 9,000 urgent care facilities will be opening up for your added convenience. Your ability to find affordable, accessible after hours care or minor emergency treatment will improve due to the industry growth.
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