Why So Many People Struggle With Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Having a loved one suffer from an addiction is the worst feeling someone can imagine; you feel completely powerless as they continue to harm themselves. There are over 47,000 Canadian deaths linked to substance abuse every year. Substance abuse has already cost the Canadian health care system over $8 billion combined. A recent study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) found that Canadians drink more than 50% above the global average; this is sobering when you consider that alcohol is now the third leading cause of global disease and injury. Professional drug rehab support centers are available to start getting folks back on the right track.

The Dangers of Addiction

There is always a reason behind an addiction, whether the addict is conscious of it or not. Studies have found a link between those with substance abuse problems and those with mental illnesses; over 15% of those with a substance use issue have some kind of co-occurring mental illness. Most addicts tend to be males, although female addicts have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders; female addicts are also 54% more likely to suffer a premature death due to drug use. Drug and alcohol abuse is a dangerous problem because addicts find themselves in cycles of use: only the addict can put an end to it but rarely will they do so unless motivated through intervention or self-realization.

Finding Drug Rehab Centers

Before the healing process can truly begin, substance abuse treatment centers must first purge the substances through a drug and alcohol detox program. It is not uncommon for the patient to go through withdrawals as their bodies have gotten use to functioning with the drug. Once purged, the patient then goes through several steps that are tweaked and tailored to eliminate the underlying cause of addiction, which may require therapy with a licensed psychologist or social worker. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, look into substance abuse treatment centers near you and take the first step towards a clean, healthy life.

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