Why Juvederm Could be the Right Treatment for You

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Finding an aging skin treatment is of utmost importance to most people over the age of 30. By this time, the elasticity of our skin has decreased, and wrinkles start to form, urging many patients to opt for Botox and fillers to boost their skin’s volume.

While Botox cosmetics have led the way in this field, generating more than a billion dollars in revenue every year in the U.S., juvederm injections have also become a more popular option.

What is juvederm?

Juvederm is one of many cosmetic facial fillers that help to reverse the appearance of sagging or wrinkled skin. Much like Botox, juvederm is injected into the various parts of the face, but uses hyaluronic acid. This acid penetrates the areas of slumped skin, and because it is manufactured into a gel, it helps to smooth the skin, as well as give it a lift.

One of the benefits of using juvederm over other facial fillers is that the gel is much smoother. Many other fillers are created using a more granular texture, which can sometimes result in a bumpy appearance after the treatment.

Another advantage is that some juvederm injections come with a pain killer already mixed into the chemical compound. After most fillers, patients typically experience soreness, redness, and tenderness surrounding the injection site. There may also be signs of swelling or bruising, but these are usually gone within a few days. With juvederm treatments, such as juvederm XC (extra comfort), patients won’t immediately feel the pain.

In addition, juvederm is made with a biodegradable substance that can dissolve into the body over time. It is not harmful and the body will absorb the gel without any side effects, because hyaluronic acid is already present in the body in certain quantities.

So, instead of wondering, “What is juvederm and should I trust it?,” get out there and give it a go — it may become your favorite wrinkle treatment. References.

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