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Kurt Eisenstein

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Imagine you’ve been in a terrible plane crash. Your plane crash landed in an enormous, featureless desert and you are the only survivor. You’ve been walking for days without food or water and you are about to keel over from the hunger and thirst. You come upon a complete fast food meal just sitting in its paper bag in the desert. It’s gota hamburger, french fries, and a soda. You can hardly believe your eyes; it must have been debris flung all the way here from the plane crash! You are ecstatic, until you remember that you’ve been keeping to a strict diet, and this splurging would mess the whole thing up. What would you do?

Reader, this really happened to me, Kurt Eisenstein of HealthyBalancedDiet.net. It really happened! And I’ll tell you, I stuck it out. I saw that fast food and I just kept right on walking. I never even looked back. Why would I make such a decision? Because I am just that dedicated to healthy eating. About a mile of walking later, I was rescued by the national guard and refused all sustenance until they provided me with bottled spring water and a salad. You might ask yourself, how can I maintain such a level of self control and dedication to my body? This blog is here for that very purpose. So put on your jogging shorts, board your treadmill, and let’s get this show on the road!

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