What to Look for When Choosing a Bike Saddle

Leather bicycle saddles

It’s tough to imagine a finer experience than riding a bike. A bicycle gives you the freedom to go where you choose. Many people prefer the freedom that comes from a relaxing bicycle ride. There are over 1 billion bicycles throughout the world, doubling the amount of vehicles. Since 2005, the United States has seen a 46% increase in the number of people riding bicycles. One drawback of the bicycle is that certain models don’t provide the most comfortable riding experience. Many bicycle owners feel that the saddle you choose for your bike is of the utmost importance. In this post, you will learn four vital considerations when purchasing a bike saddle.

  1. Saddle Width is Vital

    There are many types of bike saddles with varying widths. You won’t find a bicycle seat that is comfortable without finding one that offers adequate seating room. No bicyclist wants to deal with having a seat that is too narrow to ride in a comfortable manner. It’s dangerous to be fidgeting with your bike saddle while trying to steer a bicycle. Many bicyclists prefer the strong hold provided by carbon saddle seat clamps.
  2. Dipped Seating

    Certain bike saddles feature a more dipped style of seat. Some bicyclists prefer a dipped seat because it provides extra comfort. A dipped seat is made to form more accurately to the shape of the posterior. Not all riders prefer a dipped seat, opting for a flatter bike saddle. Data collected in 2010 found that over 21.8 million people in the United States rode a bicycle multiple times per year, some even reaching over 100 days.
  3. Choose a Durable Cover

    It is likely that you plan on taking your bicycle out fairly often. You will want to have a bicycle seat cover that is durable. Certain bike saddles are made out of actual leather while others choose a synthetic covering. No matter which covering type you choose, it’s best to have one that is extremely durable. You don’t want a cheaply made bike saddle that starts to wear down quickly. You will want to ensure that the saddle cover doesn’t feature intrusive stitching or seams that could cause friction while riding.
  4. Don’t Forget About Seat Clamps

    You might find that the height of your bike saddle isn’t quite right. A seat clamp allows a rider to easily adjust the position of a bike saddle. Carbon saddle seat clamps provide a durable hold for any riding experience. Using inferior seat clamps can cause the seat to not be properly held in place. It’s best to choose the strength of carbon saddle seat clamps when determining what will hold your seat in place. You might want to check out carbon saddle rails to pair with your new saddle, as they can help make a bicycle lighter to carry.

In summary, there are several important consideration to make when choosing a bicycle saddle. You will want to ensure you choose a bike saddle that will adequately provide support. Bicycle seats that are too narrow often lead to an uncomfortable biking session. You will need to decide if you prefer a flatter style bike saddle or one that features dipped seating. It’s wise to choose a bike saddle made with quality and durability in mind. The supporting equipment surrounding your bicycle saddle is important. Many riders prefer the sturdiness and lightweight that carbon saddle seat clamps are known for. Choosing the right bike saddle helps to ensure you continue to ride your bicycle with comfort in mind.

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