What Sort of Pool Table Would You Choose? Your Potential Choices

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Before modern materials like celluloid were invented and used for billiard balls, most were made out of the ivory of elephant tusks. Because the balls had to be cut from the exact center, each tusk could only produce three or four balls. Luckily, this has long been an outdated practice, and elephants no longer have to suffer for pool games.

Pool tables have long been a staple of home and bar entertainment. If you’ve been considering getting one for your home, the choice might not be as simple as you think. Not all pool tables are alike — they vary in size, materials, design, and color. Here are a few things you should know about the options available to you.

Design Choices for Pool Table Ball Collection

  • There are two main ways balls collect for a pool table. One is the use of pockets at each hole, typically lined with mesh, wire or plastic. The other is a funnel system at which balls collect at one end. The funnel system is typical for coin-operated bar tables.
  • The WPA standard for pool tables has wider, more angular pockets that will funnel inward, while the WEPF standard has smaller pockets. WPA is often referred to as the American style, and WEPF as the British style.
  • For home use, pool table sizes can range from seven feet long to nine feet long. There are four typically used pool table sizes within this range.

Pool Table Felt

Pool tables themselves are composed of slate, which is covered by a layer of felt. Though thicker felt will last longer, it can adversely affect the speed and power of the ball. Conversely, a thin felt getting worn out can similarly affect a ball’s pathway. Pool table felt can come in a wide range of colors — red, green, and blue are most typical — in order to better match the rest of your decor.

Pool Table Supplies

  • Pool table covers can extend the life of pool felt. They are usually made from either vinyl or leather. Make sure the cover you get fits your exact table size!
  • Pool chalk is often used before shots to decrease the chance of a miscue.
  • Many companies produce pool tables that can double as a dining or sitting room table so as to reduce necessary space.

Do you have a pool table? What type of table would you prefer? Let us know in the comments. Find more: blackpinespas.com

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