What Proton Treatment For Cancer Does

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Over the course of the past twenty years, humanity has seen in a boost in technology and medicine that most people never predicted could be possible. This boost has allowed for people to get treatment for serious issues that is safer, more effective, and also incredibly easy for the patient to go through. One of these new forms of treatment involves treatment options for prostate cancer.

One of the newest types of treatment for cancer is the proton cancer treatment process that uses proton radiation therapy to help heal cancerous issues. While some are skeptical of this process, the people who actually work in the field of medicine are well aware of the great work it can get done in terms of proton treatment and radiation treatment for cancer. Here is what everyone should know about treatment options for prostate cancer.

The treatment options for prostate cancer are only going to grow as time goes on in the United States and across the globe. As technology continues to grow and continues to influence the people who work in the field of medicine there will be more and more treatment options for prostate cancer. One of the most popular forms of treatment now involved proton therapy for prostate cancer.

In the beginning of 2015, it was determined that proton therapy centers needed to be built and thus they were built. Data has revealed that more than 30 particle therapy centers, with a total of about 80 treatment rooms, were being built across the globe. This is because more and more experts believe in treatment options for prostate cancer.

Treating cancer with proton therapy is very specific as opposed to conventional radiation. This is because proton therapy allows for cancer to be targeted and treated whereas conventional radiation allows radiation to go beyond the cancerous area. So this means that when using proton therapy for breast cancer, no radiation will reach the heart and 50% less radiation will reach the lungs when compared with conventional radiation.

Reports have been released by researchers who study the treatment options for prostate cancer and how proton therapy can affect the body. This report revealed that 99% of men with low-risk prostate cancer, 94% of all men with intermediate-risk cancer, and 74% of all men with high-risk prostate cancer ended up having success with their treatment options for prostate cancer. As a matter of fact, they had no signs of cancer recurrence after they followed up for five years.

Another reason why proton therapy is one of the best treatment options for prostate cancer involves the male body. Proton therapy involves a process that is meticulous and very targeted in its approach. This allows for a reduced risk of impotence with just about 94% of all men reporting that they remain sexually active after treatment. So this is another reason why proton therapy is a great treatment option for prostate cancer.

Just about 15% of all primary brain tumors are comprised of Glioblastomas. Proton therapy decreases the radiation dose to gastrointestinal structures by at least 59% compared to X-rays. Another great benefit of using proton therapy as a treatment option for prostate cancer is the pacing of the process. The treatment session will take anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes, however, the time spent delivering the protons to the cancerous area takes two minutes at the max.

In Conclusion

Every single year as humanity moves forward, so will the worlds of technology and medicine. Things will continue to improve, change, and grow as we move forward and there will be better medicine provided to people across the nation. Most people would like to get the best type of treatment possible for them and it is clear that proton therapy is one of the best options for people to get in terms of treatment options for prostate cancer.

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