What is a closed system catheter

Female catheters

A closed system catheter is a type of urine catheter. Closed system catheter is one of the self catheters that are widely available in the market. The kit comes with lubricated catheter which is attached to a collection bag, pair of gloves, swabs, wipe and under pad. It is easy to use and commonly used by those who have permanent urinary incontinence and those who have urinary tract infection. It is also commonly used after surgery because the closed system catheter prevents infection. And for those who are sensitive to latex, this type of catheter is the better alternative because it is available in different materials. There are closed system female catheters and closed system male catheters. Both catheters for men and women come in different sizes. You can therefore choose the right size for your use. If you are not sure about the size that you need, you can ask your doctor how to determine the right size that you need. Your doctor can also recommend you the best brand and can even give you tips on how to use it properly.

For those who have urinary track incontinence, Medicare may cover the cost of your catheter if you meet the Medicare criteria. Again your doctor can tell you if you meet the criteria. You can also do a simple research to see if you have the conditions in the criteria list. There you can see also that proper documentation is needed in order to be approved for the coverage of the catheter. There are many websites that offer valuable information which you and your doctor can use for your catheter coverage.

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