Understanding Thyroid Disease and Symptoms

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Some estimates show that as many as 25 million people in the U.S. may suffer from thyroid problems. This can be a difficult diagnosis since signs of thyroid imbalance can show up in all sorts of common complaints. By understanding a little about thyroid disease and the process your doctor uses to diagnose issues, it can help you get back on track to a more healthy lifestyle.

Since the thyroid affects so many systems in your body, thyroid imbalances can be missed because the symptoms are vague and sometimes overlooked in conversations with your doctor. The butterfly shaped gland in your neck helps to stabilize your metabolism, impacts your periods, and can even create issues with constipation or snoring. It will help to document all of your ailments so that you are not having to look at your health problems in isolation. Sometimes just seeing multiple red flags for thyroid disease together can help direct your treatment more efficiently.

As you look at the symptoms, you may want to search for a specialized doctor that is well versed in identifying the symptoms for thyroid disease. They may be able to better analyze your lab testing to provide some definitive direction on treatment for signs of thyroid imbalance. The cause of thyroid disease is not completely known, but your doctor will usually administer a THS test, among others, to look for thyroid issues. Statistically, 12 percent of the population will suffer from thyroid disease, and generally there will be more women with those risk factors. Sometimes there is a discrepancy in diagnosis when the doctors use traditional lab ranges that do not fit all patients. It is in your best interest to find a doctor that is willing to listen to all of your symptoms and to use a full battery of tests.

Fortunately there are therapies and some things you can do proactively to minimize the effects. To avoid the potential mental, physical and emotional issues that are associated with thyroid disease, you should have your hormone levels checked out by your doctor on a consistent basis. Also, it helps to stay abreast of new testing and courses of treatment that can help you achieve greater health and fitness through your hormone management and thyroid disease treatments.

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