Three Ways to Improve Your Skin

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Are you looking for acne medication? We’re all told that acne is just a thing teenagers deal with, yet here we are, comfortably into our 20s and 30s, and still dealing with flare ups. Only now, we get to enjoy the perks of aging, like sagging skin and brown sun spots, as well. What gives, right?

While acne is a part of life, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few simple ideas for achieving clear, smooth skin:

Three Ways to Improve Your Skin and Heal Acne

  1. Prescription Acne Medication
    Sometimes the source of your acne is nothing you can do externally. Your body is just rebelling against itself. Sometimes you just produce too much oil or have issues with excessive sweating, which clog your pores. In this case, going to a dermatologist for prescription acne medication is the way to go. It might feel intimidating to go to a doctor about your acne, but identifying the reason that you still struggle with breakouts is critical in fixing it and achieving the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.

    You might think it’s only necessary to get medication for severe acne. However, there are acne medications that are gentle without many side effects, so that people with just moderate skin problems can benefit from them as well.
  2. Drink More Water

    Water is a critical part of moving toxins that cause breakouts through your system and helping your release them without causing your skin to get irritated. Water is also important for your skin’s elasticity, so drinking enough water not only improves your acne, it also prevents and improves fine lines. We call that a twofer!

    When your body is stuck drawing water out of the food you eat (or the soda and coffee that your drink throughout the day), it might scrounge up enough hydration to get by, but it definitely won’t be able to detox in such a way that your skin is able to stay clear. Some medical experts suggest drinking half of your weight in ounces per day (for example, if you are 120 lbs, try drinking 60 oz per day), others say that eight glass is adequate, and some say that you should attempt to drink a gallon a day. The point is, if you ever feel thirsty, you aren’t drinking enough.

    If drinking water is tough for you to do regularly, try carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go. You’ll be surprised how often you absentmindedly take sips throughout your day, and suddenly find your bottle empty. Another simple way to increase your water intake is to fill a jug that is the size of your water goal (typically a gallon or half a gallon) first thing in the morning. Having a visual reminder of how much water you’ve had has a powerful impact on motivating you to drink more. After a few weeks of giving your body lots of hydration, your skin will be noticeably clearer.
  3. Be Healthy

    The saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. If the only fuel you’re giving your body is greasy junk food and empty calories, your body will only have garbage to build your skin cells with and run on. Try to eat a diet of food that is fresh and as close to the original source as possible; food that comes straight from the farm (without fillers and chemicals and unhealthy processing stuffed into it before it gets to you) has the greatest nutrient density and gives your body more to work with when creating skin cells.

    This might go without saying, but unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive alcohol use, and even coffee pour toxins into your body which your body has to work overtime clear, which has a horrible impact on your skin. You can usually identify a smoker because they have acne or wrinkle or both. Coffee is a diuretic, so it flushes all that hydration you worked so hard to supply your body right out, leaving your skin cells without the water it needs to be healthy. Alcohol also has a negative impact on your skin. If you have habits like this, try to cut back or quit entirely, if you’re able to. You’ll be surprised by the impact it has on your skin.

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