Three reasons why hormone replacement is one of the most effective ED treatments

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Erectile dysfunction or ED dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, is a type of dysfunction wherein the person is unable to get an erection or to maintain one. This results in unsatisfactory or frustrating sexual intercourse. ED is quite common especially among older men. In fact, statistics show that fifty percent of men 40 years old and older will suffer from the condition. The condition may be brought about by emotional or physical causes. Emotional causes include depression and anxiety and problems with an existing relationship. Physical causes may include certain health conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart conditions and hormonal problems. As there are many possible causes of the dysfunction, there is one very effective ED treatment, hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is offered by ED treatment Ft Lauderdale clinics so you will not have a problem when it comes to finding the right Ed dysfunction clinics offering it. Here are three reasons why hormone replacement is one of the most effective ED treatments.

First, hormone replacement therapy for ED is a very effective treatment because one of the main causes of ED is hormonal problems. If you will go to an ED treatment Ft Lauderdale clinic, the ED specialist can tell you that a high percentage of men who have ED have low hormone levels. This results in erectile dysfunction in many men. Going to ED treatment clinics that offer hormone replacement or HR therapy can actually treat the condition, especially if it is primarily caused by hormone problems.

Second, hormone replacement therapy is a good treatment because hormonal imbalance or hormonal problems may cause one to have low sex drive. The lack of sexual interest may be related to hormonal imbalance. If this is the case, going to ED treatment Ft Lauderdale that offers HR treatment may be more effective than other forms of treatment. In fact, what you believe to be an emotional problem may in fact be related to your hormone imbalance. If you think this is your case, go to an ED treatment Ft Lauderdale clinic and ask the doctor about your hormone levels and its connection to your erectile dysfunction. Going to an ED treatment Ft Lauderdale offering HR therapy may be the best thing that you can do about your erectile dysfunction.

Third, some medical conditions that cause ED are effectively managed or controlled by hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy can therefore treat the condition effectively. This will then also address your ED problem. You should therefore go to a hormone replacement therapy Ft Lauderdale clinic and ask your doctor about the treatment. And if you are forty years and over, it will also take care of hormone imbalance caused by growing older. It is best therefore to go to an ED treatment Ft Lauderdale clinic and discuss about the benefits of the treatment. Continue reading here:

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