Three Reasons to Consider a Body Fat Transfer

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Body fat transfer is a lot different from liposuction. Well, sort of. You see, liposuction simply removes the fat, where as with fat transfer, as the name implies, puts the fat some place else.

Body fat transfers are used to restore fat loss in certain areas of the body, like the face, to help reduce wrinkles, or scarring and reduce sagging skin. This is done through the process os suctioning fat from the donor site on your body and then transferred to the desired area of injection. The doctors only use your own fat in this procedure, of course.

Here are three of the many helpful applications of body fat transfer.

1. Fix your scars and wrinkles.

Body fat transfer can be a more effective means of aging treatments than you might find from any other wellness day spa treatment.

2. Get rid of fat in unwanted areas.

Most people would agree that having some puppy fat is okay, even more attractive to some, but there are places that you simply do not want it. Not only can it be unsightly, like in the breast area for men, but it can also be very uncomfortable, like in your thighs, making them rub together uncomfortably. With body fat transfer, you can easily get rid of that muffin top and put that fat to better use someplace a bit more appropriate, which takes us to our third reason…

3. Reshape your thighs, your buttocks and your breasts.

Body fat transfers can provide a natural breast augmentation, or an augmentation to any other part of your body like the buttocks. This reduces the risk of allergic reaction to implants, and because it is all your own fat, it makes it look much more natural.

The prices of liposuction and body fat transfers are surprisingly affordable. These procedures can improve your confidence and your health, so what are you waiting for?

Do any of you have any questions or concerns? Please feel free to express them in the comments! And if you have had a body fat transfer, then I encourage you to share your story in the comments as well! For more, read this link.


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