Three Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery

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Individuals may get surgical procedures for a variety of reasons. One common need for surgery is to help individuals lose weight. While this can be for cosmetic purposes, many people?s health also experiences a major benefit from weight loss. Obesity is defined as a person who weighs 20% of more of what their ideal weight should be based on how tall they are. Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to help an individual lose weight and stay healthy. In that case, there are other forms of doctor supervised weight loss, which may include various types of surgeries. Here are three different ways that a surgeon can help individuals lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a Helpful Option for Many Individuals

Many people who have been labeled as obese have found great success with gastric bypass surgery. A surgeon combines the small stomach to restrict the intake of food a person consumes. Because they cannot eat as much as they normally would, this plays a significant part in an individual?s weight loss. With over half of all adults in the United States trying to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle, this is a popular treatment for adopting a permanently healthy life.

Lap Band Surgery Is Another Popular Weight Loss Option

Another popular choice is lap band surgery. Similar to gastric bypass surgery, this option is best for people who maintain a commitment to a new healthy lifestyle. With lap band surgery, individuals can experience a quick decline in weight loss, and then they may feel as though they have hit a wall. Lap band surgery does allow those who have undergone the process to ?cheat? a little bit on their diets, so it is very important that those who choose this surgery are committed to the process, to prevent themselves from going back to old habits.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is Catching on and Becoming Even More Popular Than Other Methods

Many individuals are asking their surgeon if they are a good candidate for gastric sleeve surgery. This is because it is not as high maintenance as a lap band, and does not offer as many complications. This surgery is noted for reducing hunger, so patients do not have to be as conscious about feeling tempted to cheat on their diet. It also requires fewer visits, and does not require leaving something in the body, which the lap band does.

Many people want to lose weight when they discover diet and exercise isn?t enough for them. This can be for many reasons, from cosmetic, to wanting to reduce the risk of heart disease, which weight loss is known to do. By consulting with a surgeon, individuals can discuss the various types of weight loss surgeries. These include gastric sleeve surgery, lap band surgery, and gastric bypass. Although each come with their own level of risk, they are options that are viable for individuals who need to find a solution losing weight in a way that is beneficial for them.

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