The Top Three Reasons that Electronic Cigarettes are On the Path to Replace Traditional Tobacco

Gargolla cigarette liquid

E cigarettes are becoming more and more common in today’s society. Here are three reasons why people are choosing electronic cigs over traditional ones:

1. They are Much Healthier

One of the major draws of electronic cigarettes is that they are essentially just a healthier, higher tech version of traditional cigarettes. They don’t contain any of the nasty carcinogens associated with cigarettes but retain all the flavor and much of the nicotine. They aren’t limited to just traditional tobacco flavors though; in fact, some find that the best e cig liquid flavors are the less traditional e cig juice flavors, such as pink bubblegum and watermelon.

2. They are Cheaper

Smoking is usually a very expensive habit between matches, lighter fluid, and cigarettes. E cigs operate using refillable cartridges though, and that does a lot to reduce the cost. Each e cig is reusable with the addition of a new e cig liquid cartridge. Not only does it save your health, it also saves your money!

3. They are Only Becoming More Popular

E cigs are rapidly becoming a popular choice among smokers. In 2008, only about fifty thousand people were smoking e cigarettes. By 2012, though, more than three and a half million people were smoking them, and those numbers are expected to quadruple in the next few years. So many people are choosing e cigs as an alternative to cigarettes — what most appeals to you?

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