The Benefits of Having Your Loved One Live in Assisted Living or Memory Care

Nobody wants to think about a beloved family member developing Alzheimers or any form of dementia, but it is something that has to be kept in mind as our loved ones grow older. Currently, one in every 8 people over the age of 65 in the United States has Alzheimers, which means you could someday find yourself with a family member suffering from the disease. While of course we want our loved ones to remain in their homes the rest of their lives, sometimes this just isn’t possible and you might want to consider moving them to an assisted living facility or memory care, particularly as their Alzheimers gets worse. There are benefits to moving your loved one to assisted living or memory care and this article will briefly take a look at a few of them.

  • Access to Skilled Medical Care Around the Clock: One benefit of moving to assisted living or memory care is that your loved one will have near-constant access to skilled medical care. This way, in case an accident does happen, and your loved one falls and injures themselves, they’ll be in a place where they have medical care right away.
  • Memory Care is in a Separate Ward: If you choose to have your loved one placed in memory care, be assured that they will be kept very safe as memory care facilities are generally placed in their own separate building or ward. The spaces are designed to make it easy to navigate and prevent patients from accidentally wandering off. Memory care is not quite the same as assisted living, but both are able to take care of loved ones with dementia.
  • An Ability to Stay Active But Remain Safe: Another benefit is that whether its in assisted living or memory care, your loved one will be able to safely stay active, just as if they’d remained in their homes. These facilities have programs in place that allow your loved one to continue being active and social, but also keep them safe as they’re monitored by their caretakers.

In conclusion, the benefits of assisted living facilities and memory care are far-ranging and numerous. If the time comes for your loved ones to leave their homes and move to one of these facilities, remember that they’ll be going somewhere where they’ll have access to medical care as they need it, if it’s memory care they’ll be kept safe in a building designed for their needs, and they’ll still be able to lead active lives.

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