Should You See a Hair Loss Specialist?

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When it comes to hair loss, no one is immune. Some men and women start to see hair loss as soon as their teenage years, while others don?t start to lose hair until they reach middle age. If you are one of the millions of men and women who experience hair loss, there is no time better than now to see a hair loss specialist about your treatment options.

It?s important to keep in mind that a certain amount of hair loss is normal. We?re expected to lose between 50 and 100 individual hairs each day. But if you start to notice a thinning patch of hair or entire areas of missing hair, it may be a symptom of hereditary hair loss.

While there are a variety of causes of hair loss, the most common one is genetics. Stress, diet, lifestyle and giving birth are also responsible for hair loss, though not as frequently. If you believe something other than genetics is causing your hair loss, changing the amount of stress in your life or your diet can help. Aside from lifestyle changes, a hair loss specialist may be required to stop further loss.

Hereditary hair loss affects 80 million men and women. It is a cause of a lot of stress and insecurities for many people. Also, many men will have already lost half their hair by the time it becomes cosmetically visible.

If you choose to undergo hair replacement or hair restoration at a hair clinic in response to your thinning hair, take comfort in the knowledge that you are far from alone. Male pattern baldness is responsible for more than 95% of male hair loss, with more than 85% of men experiencing significantly thinning hair by the time they reach 50. A conversation with a hair loss specialist and/or your dermatologist will give you some options for treatment.

Aside from seeking medical attention at the first sight of hair loss, it?s imperative that you find a doctor that is the right fit for you. Rapidly thinning hair can be a great cause of stress for those suffering; minimizing its effects on one?s emotions and daily life will do more harm than good. You should take the time to find a doctor that not only makes you feel comfortable but also is empathetic to your situation. This will ensure that you feel you are receiving the quality of treatment and attention you deserve.

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