Should I Use Blister Packaging for My Product?

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Recent research shows that 48.5 percent of people in the United States have taken at least one prescription medication in the past month. Blister packaging companies know how important a package for a product is. In this post, you will learn the many benefits a blister packaging company can provide for your product.

  • Great for Childproof Packaging: In many cases, blister pack packaging is combined with child safe features. A company may be concerned that a blister pack is not as safe as other options. However, blister packaging can still be effectively protected against children opening the packaging.

    The safety of children is extremely important within the pharmaceutical industry. A blister packaging company ensure you have a product packaged in a safe manner. Blister packaging is highly regarded as a safe packaging material. However, it is understandable for a business wanting to ensure a product is as safe as possible.

  • Easily Customized for Added Durability: Blister packs are commonly known for how sturdy they are. Many different products are housed in blister packs in stores across the world. The pharmaceutical industry may sometimes find its products held to a higher standard of safety. Therefore, no shortcuts can be taken when creating safe packaging for pharmaceutical products.

    A common worry is that blister packaging may not be durable enough to protect a certain pharmaceutical. However, certain companies are able to combine both blister packaging with PVC to create an even thicker package.

  • Blister Packs Can Have Added Inserts: A company will likely want to give a consumer as much information as possible. In addition, a business may want to make consumers aware of future coupons and sales. Blister card packaging allows for the insertion of printed information cards.

    The information contained in a carded blister pack could be directions for use. A combination of both coupons and relevant product information can also be used.

  • In summary, there are many benefits of using blister packaging. This form of packaging is a safe and durable solution for many pharmaceutical products. These packs are easy to customize and can include inserts for additional savings to the consumer.

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