Mineral Nutrients, Iodized Salt, and Everything In Between

Minerals, vitamins, and important nutrients are essential to someone being in good health. While most people are completely unaware of how valuable mineral nutrients, others are well aware and make sure they consume the required minerals. If you are someone that knows very little about your nutrient consumption, it is essential you have some sort of idea as to what you need on a daily basis.

The iodine health benefits, iodine uses, and iodine supplement benefits are all incredibly important. However, across the globe, only 86% of the population have access to iodized salt. Consuming iodized salt is the best way to have access to important mineral nutrients such as iodine. Avoiding iodine deficiency and other deficiencies can go a long way for your health, so here are the random facts on these mineral nutrients.

Iodine levels have decreased by 50% in the past three decades. This is incredibly dangerous especially when put into context with the fact that fewer people are able to have access to an important mineral nutrient. This can lead to dangerous deficiencies that will threaten someone’s lives.

The World Health Organization has recently stated that nearly 72% of the population across the globe have an iodine deficiency. It is incredibly easy to overlook just how important the mineral nutrients are provided by iodine salt and the materials involved. However, once someone begins to suffer and go through an iodine deficiency, they begin to realize how dangerous it is!

Across the globe, there are currently more than 70 different countries hat add iodine to their salt. This is done to avoid deficiencies because dangerous diseases can grow as a result. Make sure you and your loved ones know that the proper dietary iodine intake is between 100 micrograms a day and 150 micrograms a day. This is the standard amount and you must make sure you consume this to get the proper mineral nutrients for your health!

Across the globe, the public health problem of iodine deficiency is a serious issue in nearly 47 countries. This means that just about 2.2 billion people, which is equal to 38% of the entire population, live in areas that have an iodine deficiency. This is a seriously dangerous and harmful problem. It is really important to make sure we work hard to try and get iodine to these areas to prevent the future from having issues with mineral nutrients consumption.

There have been more than 80 papers published by Dr. B.A. Eskin over a period of nearly thirty years. This has shown that an iodine deficiency is specifically linked to an increased risk of both breast and thyroid cancer. Hopefully, this is a piece of information that can open up people’s eyes as to just how dangerous this is!

In Conclusion

The global market for Iodine is projected to reach 44 thousand metric tons by 2024. While this is a lot of iodine, it is not enough. As a planet, we must ensure that we have enough mineral nutrients to help take care of any and all people that are dealing with any sort of deficiency.

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