It Makes More Sense to Go to a Denver Health Clinic for Minor Injuries or Ilnesses

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These days, more and more people are using urgent care centers, rather than going to a hospital emergency room. In fact, about 3 million people use urgent care centers every week here in the United States. Urgent care centers take patients on a walk in basis and you generally don’t even have to wait that long to see a doctor. A Denver health clinic can be an urgent care center that has more convenient hours that a doctor’s office too. If you are sick or not critically injured, you can go to a Denver urgent care center today. A walk in clinic Denver will also do STD testing Denver.

Urgent care centers, such as urgent care cherry creek, help to lower the burden on local hospital emergency rooms. Urgent care Denver can treat non life threatening injuries and illnesses, such as the flu, strep throat, bronchitis, etc. After being treated at a Denver health clinic you will be instructed to follow up with your primary care physician. You will normally have to make an appointment during normal business hours if you go to your doctor as only about one third of primary care doctors offer after hour medical care.

Patients can save money by going to a Denver health clinic when they need treatments for a minor medical problem. If you go to the emergency for treatment for the flu or something else that is minor it can end up costing you an average of $1500. That really doesn’t make sense to go to emergency and pay that much, when you can go to a Denver health clinic or an urgent care center for about $150.

There are licensed doctors and nurse practitioners on staff at the Denver health clinic. If you get sick or injured on a week end or after office hours at night, don’t hesitate to go to a Denver health clinic. The Denver health clinic can see patients even if they don’t have medical insurance. There is no need to clog up the local area hospital emergency rooms for a minor injury or illness. Save that option for people that are critically wounded, having a heart attack or stroke or who really need the emergency care. Find the local Denver health clinic website online and learn more about your options for going to an urgent care center for minor medical treatments today. Find out more about this topic here.

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