How To Know If You Have Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a condition that attacks the skin on your feet and sometimes your toenails and hands. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that is very contagious. For example, if someone was in the shower in their bare feet who has the infection and doesn’t properly disinfect it after use, then you get in right after, in your bare feet, you will end up contracting athlete’s foot from that person. Also, if the person who has it walks around barefoot in the house, and you walk around in the same area, you will end up with it too.

They call it Athlete’s Foot because it mainly affects athlete’s. Although it won’t kill you, it is highly contagious and will irritate your feet and sometimes toenails and hands. Go see a doctor as soon as possible if you see the following symptoms.

Irritation On The Skin Of Your Feet

Irritation but not just that either. If you experience any itching, burning, or stinging on the soles of your feet or in-between your toes, you may have to see your doctor right away. He may do some type of dot testing to determine whether you have it or not.


If you find itchy blisters on your feet, it is a good chance you have this fungal infection of the feet. You should seek professional medical help right away to get it treated.

Cracking And Peeling

Have you noticed any cracking and peeling on your feet? This may also be Athlete’s Foot and will need to be treated by a medical professional immediately before anyone in your house gets it too. The cracking and peeling will be between your toes and on the soles of your feet.

Dry Skin

Many people suffer from dry skin during the winter months but you rarely ever hear anyone complain of it in the spring and summer time. Because of this, if you start suffering from dry skin on the soles of your feet and on the sides, you may need treatment right away for Athlete’s Foot. Another similar symptom is raw skin on your feet.

Athlete’s Foot In Your Toenails

As previously mentioned, you can also experience Athlete’s Foot in your toenails and hands. If your toenails start getting discolored, thicker than normal, and crumby around them, this could be Athlete’s Foot. Also, if your toenails start pulling away from the nail bed, it could be the fungal infection too.

Once you choose to see your doctor about the problem, he will order dot testing or a skin test that will help him make a proper diagnosis of this fungal infection of the feet, toes, and hands. Dot testing is supposed to be an accurate enough test that will help your doctor diagnose and treat the problem properly. You can even visit 24-hour urgent care to get treated there if you can’t wait to see your doctor. If you have any questions about the condition you may have, ask the doctors. The emergency room physician will be happy to provide any answers and important information regarding the fungal infection.

The estimated amount of people who visit urgent care every week totals three million.

It is a good thing that there are now 20,000 doctors who practice at urgent care.

It is also a good thing that 85 percent of urgent care clinics are now open 24-hours per day, seven days per week.

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