How to Expand Your Chiropractic Business with Physical Therapy

If you are an independent chiropractor who is looking to expand their business then you might want to consider looking into physical therapy. Adding more services within your business is a great way to expand and to bring on new and experienced employees. Besides, chiropractic adjusting tools and the way they help with back pain is a form of physical therapy on its own, so it’s not that much of a leap to expand the pain management that you offer.

Work with Other Service Providers

Due to the fact that chiropractors are limited on what kind of care they can offer, you are going to have to reach out to other service providers to move forward with this venture. You can pool your resources with other local care providers in order to create an integrated business that offers a wide variety of services. Putting together a business plan that you can present to potential partners is a great way to show them what this integration has to offer both of you.

Choose Your Services

Speaking of making a plan, you should decide ahead of time what kind of services you want your clinic to offer. You already have your chiropractic adjusting tools, but there are other kinds of pain management tools you can utilize. Physical therapy equipment such as muscle strength training equipment and range of motion testing equipment are great starters for adding a PT department. You can even look into adding other rehab tools and systems such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and even traditional medicine to your list of services.

Find the Space

If you want to expand then chances are you will need a new space to incorporate all of your new services and business partners. If your original building is on the smaller side you should start looking into finding one that can fit all of the things you want to offer. This is a step you can work on with your partners so that everyone is happy with the space provided and will be able to perform their jobs with ease.

Expanding your business and branching out into other services is an amazing way to stay relevant. People want convenience and the ability to receive different kinds of care under one roof.

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