How to Choose the Right Off Road Wheelchair Tire

You may experience having limited mobility due to a lot of reasons. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to enjoy an active lifestyle and be desperately unhappy about it.

Overcoming these limitations is possible by using an off road wheelchair tire that you can use to navigate across rugged roads and unpaved terrain. Regardless of the type of terrain you’ll be navigating through, it can be turned into a pavement-like road if you use the right tire for your wheelchair.

People have a lot of choices when it comes to outdoor wheelchairs, as these come in a variety of styles. Depending on the terrain you will use it in, it’s crucial to choose the right type of off road wheelchair tire to maximize your fun and enjoyment.

Continue reading to learn about the factors to consider when selecting off road tires for wheelchairs.

Different Criteria to Consider

When you think about it, even SUVs need to use the right type of tires as these devices assist in eliminating certain driving limitations. Installing snow chains can help you navigate through snowy roads. It’s the same with outdoor wheelchairs – you get the same advantage by matching it with the appropriate tire.

However, it’s vital for you to know just what criteria to consider when selecting the best off-road tires to use for your wheelchair. Other people’s definition of the best may be different from yours. But there are some commonalities that can be used to establish a criteria for your selection.

Regardless of whatever wheelchair you have, the following factors must be considered:

  • Usability: Even if you have a powerful wheelchair, you won’t be able to enjoy it without the easy accessibility that you can get from an excellent off road wheelchair tire. If you want to be self-reliant, you can take advantage of having good tires that can help you easily maneuver any terrain.
  • Range: This aspect applies to motorized wheelchairs and refers to the distance the chair can take you.
  • Durability: Any chair designed for outdoor use must be able to withstand rough terrain. Take note, though, that you still need to have an excellent wheelchair to work with your superior tires.

What are the Different Types of Outdoor Wheelchairs?

The wheelchair tires must be compatible with the chair you’re using. It’s the same idea as trying to put an SUV tire on a small car and failing to fit it. The best way to choose wheelchairs is to determine how much time you’ll spend using them outside.

Here are three different types of outdoor wheelchairs you should have:

  • Light use: While designed to work for outdoor use, these wheelchairs should only be used for light activities since they don’t have much range. However, they can easily adapt to both outdoor and indoor usage. Still, it has the least mobility out of the three types, which can be a disadvantage if you’re intending to use it mostly on rough terrain.
  • Moderate use: These medium-type wheelchairs have a greater distance and can manage more difficult terrain than the lighter type. Beach wheelchairs, as well as other chairs that are not designed for heavy use, fall into this category.
  • Extreme use: If you are planning to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, then this is the kind of wheelchair you should buy. With it, you’ll be able to navigate through any terrain with great ease.

Generally, it’s always better to have more tread. It’s a rule of thumb you must remember to help you navigate any type of terrain or pavement without fear of slipping. Tires that offer optimal grip can assist you in easy maneuvering over both smooth and rough terrain.

Choose the Best Tires for Your Wheelchair

Going outside doesn’t always imply that you’ll be navigating through rugged terrain, as even an hour of maneuvering around the city park can also be an enjoyable experience. Still, regular tires will not suffice, and you need to have the best off road wheelchair tires to make the time you spend outside all worth your while. Make choosing simple by using the criteria presented above as a guide that will assist you in matching your wheelchair with the appropriate tires that will suit the terrain you intend to traverse.

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