How Seniors Can Hold Onto Their Independence Despite Medical Needs

Medical supplies

If you ask any senior what is most important to them, many are likely to say their independence. As we age, it seems like our ability to remain independent decreases. We require assistance with everyday tasks. We might even require a special living situation to guarantee assistance and safety. What if you are not yet ready to entirely give up your independence? With these living tips, you can remain independent in your own home, while still receiving the safe assistance and care that you desire.

Assistive medical devices
Medical equipment manufacturers are aware of senior?s desire to remain independent. There are new assistive medical devices being designed daily. These medical devices are designed to solve problems that might otherwise force a senior to move to an assisted living home. A cotton roll can help senior?s comfortable move around in bed. The best walkers for seniors help not only with transportation around the house, but also in public. Even disposable bed pads make it so bedding can easily be cleaned when an accident occurs.

Walking and mobile devices are perhaps, the most helpful medical device in keeping independence. Approximately 16.4% of people using walking aids prefer canes, 11.6% of the elderlies use walkers, just over 6% take assistance of wheelchair, and about 2.3% use scooters. These walking devices make it easier to complete everyday needed tasks, whether they are medical or household duties.

Security and monitoring devices
Family members of seniors may worry about safety and security of a loved one who lives alone. If a loved senior was to fall and they were unable to reach a phone, how would anyone know to help? Security and monitoring devices are the perfect way to increase safety and security and make everyone feel more comfortable about the living situation.

Every 15 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. The fall itself is usually not the primary worry. Medical professionals are usually more concerned about how long the senior sat there for and if they hit their head or not. Monitoring devices are worn response systems. The senior can quickly call for help, without much effort. Security systems are coded entry systems that prevent break ins.

Close medical care
Seniors also tend to have more medical problems. Approximately 90% of Americans aged 55 plus are at risk for hypertension, or high blood pressure. Women are more likely than men to develop hypertension, with half of women aged 60 plus and 77% of women aged 75 plus having this condition. Hypertension affects 64% of men aged 75 plus. Seniors dealing with hypertension are more likely to experience a medical emergency. Having close medical care, such as an on call physician or a nearby hospital can be helpful in relieving these worries.

In home medical care
There is still the problem that many seniors require assistance with everyday tasks, like bathing, grooming, grocery shopping, preparing meals, and household cleaning. Some require daily medical tasks, such as diabetic care or pleurx catheter care. Arranging for in home medical care can ensure that all of the senior?s daily needs are taken care of. The in home care team will also handle all medical needs, including pleurx catheter changing and medication monitoring.

In home medical care professionals are also beneficial to have to regularly stock needed medical items. For example, adult diapers for sale can be preordered and stocked by the caregiver. Taking the burden of ordering medical supplies, changing pleurx catheters, and assisting with everyday tasks can help a senior to reclaim their independence.

The majority of seniors do not want to give up their independence, despite increased medical concerns. Allow your senior to live on their own for as long as possible. There are many services and in home companies that can assist senior with everyday tasks, while also monitoring their medical needs. Medical devices, like adult diapers, transportation devices, and pleurx catheters can also be brought into the home, ensuring that all of their needs are met.

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