Getting Fit to Fight Obesity

It is no secret that adults and even children in the United States (and some nations abroad) are suffering an epidemic of obesity rates, alongside the grave health effects that come with it such as increased rates of heart disease, stroke, joint pain, and much more. A number of factors have been spotted as the cause of this rapidly growing rate of overweight and obese Americans, but the good news is that for any able-bodied child or adult today, getting back into shape and losing excess body fat is not just possible, but it can also be fun and very rewarding along the way, and starting a weight loss of fitness and better eating can lead to a total change in lifestyle. Commercial products and diets are available for customers who want to get fit and burn fat like fitness stores and sports stores in their areas, and a number of shops can be found in one’s area, big or small, that offer exercise equipment and gym equipment for interested buyers. What can be done to burn extra pound and sculpt a well-muscled body?

Why Obese?

Several causes for the current obesity epidemic have been identified, and one of them is what we eat. Fast food and highly processed foods have become much more prevalent since the 1970s, and these foods are designed to taste good and even be mildly addictive with sugars, fats, and oils added to strengthen flavor, but this comes at a serious cost. These foods and their ingredients are very unhealthy, and a lot of fat will be added to a person’s body if they have these foods in their diet. Saturated fats and added sugars are well-known to lead to weight gain, and natural, healthy foods are often neglected in favor of processed and fatty foods instead.

Lifestyle is another issue. Put simply, Americans are not exercising enough. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has determined that only one in three children today is physically active, and this can lead to health issues later in life. Instead of playing sports and playing outside in general, many kids and teenagers today are spending many hours per day on electronic devices indoors, even on school days, promoting a sedentary lifestyle. The adults are no better; many grown Americans are also using a lot electronic screens or have sedentary indoor jobs, giving them no chance for exertion. Combine this with fatty and sugary fast foods, and it is clear why many people are overweight. But there are always solutions.

Getting Fit

Americans can always launch a fitness program, and this will mean both eating better and getting active. In general, Americans are encouraged to visit their doctor first and make sure that this new lifestyle will not have unexpected consequences, and those with heart conditions, recent surgery, or other issues may need some safety guidelines. But in general, nearly anyone could launch a fitness program.

Fitness stores or a home fitness store are a great way to start, and the items there can help anyone get active in the comfort and convenience of their home or backyard. Fitness stores may have clothing for workouts such as shorts, tank tops, sweat bands for the head and wrists, and shoes and socks for working out comfortably, and these clothes will breathe and stretch easily during exertion. Fitness stores may have items such as ab roller wheels, jump ropes, medicine balls, weight like dumbbells, and much more that a customer will need to carry out certain exercises. Fitness stores may also offer DVDs of guided workout regimens for professional-grade workouts for the best results.

Sports stores offer the equipment and clothing for kids and adults to play sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, and more to get active, and sports can be both exercise and great fun, and a chance to learn teamwork for kids. And of course, a workout regimen will mean eating better. Fast food and processed foods will be traded for whole and organic grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy like cheese and milk, and lean meat like eggs, fish, and chicken. This can be delicious and very healthy to eat, and can open up new recipe and meal ideas for the entire family to cook every day.

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