Four Reasons to Get Physical Therapy

Physical therapy center

When should you consider getting physical therapy? It?s something we don?t think about often, but there are a number of good reasons to be aware of physical therapy options like back pain specialists or a sports doctor and learn how they might be able to help you. Here are just four reasons to consider:

You?ve Had Something Replaced

This is likely one of the more obvious reasons for physical therapy. In 2014, 4.7 million Americans had an artificial knee and 2.5 million were living with an artificial hip. Hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery can be difficult, but having the right physical therapist can greatly ease your transition to the use of a new joint. If you?re facing this kind of replacement in the near future, it?s worth looking for the right occupational therapy center in advance.

You?ve Had a Minor Injury

After a major break, surgery, or an accident, your doctor will likely recommend that you get physical therapy. But even minor injuries can be helped a great deal by some physical rehabilitation. And, best news of all, the Health Services Research journal reports that when the first management strategy is physical therapy, the patients usually end up spending 72% less in the first year of treatment.

If you?ve twisted your back, a back pain specialist can help you get back in fighting shape. If you?ve torn a muscle, pulled something, or think you have a twisted ankle from running, and the pain lingers even after a couple days of ice and rest, a physical therapist is a great idea to help you evaluate and recover quickly, as well as avoid exacerbating the injury.

You Have Reoccurring Dull Pain

Sharp pain gets our attention quickly, but maybe you?ve just been ignoring that twinge in your back, or the wonky knee that bothers you occasionally. You likely need to see a back pain specialist or get some kind of physical therapy treatment, even if it seems like a minor issue. These sorts of dull aches are often symptoms of an underlying problem, and until that problem is fixed, the aches will just keep on coming.

There?s Been a Noticeable Change to Something

You know yourself better than anyone. Can you tell that one ankle is slightly more swollen than the other? Maybe you?ve bent over and felt something in your back. It wasn?t pain, and it wasn?t an injury. You can hardly describe it; yet something was ?off.? Or perhaps you can tell that you can?t pull as hard with one arm while you?re swimming as you could last week.

These kinds of warning signs are a good reason to get some help. They could be just a minor strain, but they could be a symptom of something severe. A sports medicine clinic, back pain specialist, or physical therapist can help you figure out what?s going on and how to treat a minor issue to keep it from becoming serious.

If you?re experiencing pain, feel like something?s wrong in a joint or muscle, or have injured yourself, these are all good reasons to look into physical therapy options near you.

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