Cleo the Cat Inexplicably Finds Owner at Nursing Home

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When seniors become lonely or are no longer able to care for themselves, it often becomes necessary to make the move to a skilled nursing care facility. Relocation to skilled care nursing facilities can be a difficult transition for many seniors, and unfortunately, one cost of nursing home relocation is that you often have to leave some of your things behind. However, this heartwarming story proves that sometimes, those things can find their way back to you.

Earlier this month, Cleo the cat somehow found her way across town in Westcott, England, to reunite with her owner, Nancy Cowen, who had moved into a skilled nursing care facility.

Cowen had left the feline in the care of a neighbor when she moved (apparently not a very attentive cat-sitter), but Cleo wasn’t about to take this arrangement lying down, and found her way to the nursing home, Bramley House Residential Home, where she had never been before.

About two weeks after Nancy moved, Cleo began showing up and sleeping on the benches outside the home. The staff became friendly with the cat, and during one of her outdoor nursing home activities, Cowen saw one of the staff members holding the cat, and said it looked like hers.

After confirming that this cat had an identical tail injury to Cleo, and Cowen’s sister confirming the cat’s identity, the staff have decided to let the inseparable cat and owner pair stay together at the home.

No one knows how Cleo managed to find her way to Cowen, let alone how she knew how to choose a nursing home from the rest of the buildings in town. Some find it to be quite spooky, but there’s no denying that Nancy Cowen and Cleo the cat have a very special bond. It’s proof that transitioning to a skilled nursing care facility doesn’t have to mean an end to happiness. More info like this.

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