Children Learn Best Before The Age Of Six Supporting Their Growth With Tools Like Self Esteem Bingo

Children go through their most significant period of growth at a very early age. When you fail to provide them with the tools they need to better express and understand themselves, you set up a foundation that can follow them for life.

This is a simple fact that can be easily applied in an educational setting, a counseling room or a summer camp. There are a lot of ways educators make the most out of a child’s early years, whether it’s through interesting exercises or tools like self esteem bingo. Picking and choosing your resources now will really pay off for the children under your care in the future. Learning how to use them effectively is a mixture of understanding child’s psychology and basic educational techniques. Before you invest in an anatomical chart digestive system or exercise calorie chart, look below and educate yourself first.

Children are always learning. Make sure they’re learning right.

What does education look like for children around the world? Let’s take a look at some educational statistics. According to a recent report from the Science, Technology And Industry Scoreboard, Korea graduates with the highest percentage of STEM majors at nearly 40%. Compare this to American college graduates, which sees around 15% of new workers coming from STEM majors. Encouraging children to follow their passion takes a combination of encouragement and consistent access to useful resources. Failing to do this can keep them from attending college, much less graduating.

It’s not just the STEM fields you should be keeping an eye on, but a general educational approach that supports a well-rounded child. This means health education products, steady access to literature, even simple social gatherings that can help children learn how to make friends. Playing is a natural technique to stimulate brain development. Ongoing studies have shown it’s very important for children to have regular opportunities for a variety of gross motor activities, such as running, walking, climbing, drawing and playing sports. Children who don’t get these kinds of interactions early on will face a lifetime of limited brain power.

Psychology is your most powerful friend when using self esteem bingo in your counseling sessions or a childrens portion plate at summer camp. Children’s brains are at their most flexible between birth and age six. This means they need as much information and encouragement as possible to ensure they’re confident and well-adjusted adults. To put things in further perspective, there are more nerve cells in the human brain than there are estimated stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Imagine the potential you’re cultivating when you change your educational plan even a little bit.

Public school education and private school education is growing and changing constantly to better address the needs of children. The Department Of Education recently reported that, by the time fall of 2017 arrived, there were over 50 million public school students stretched between three and a half million full-time teachers. Private school models are starting to rise in favor for their more individualized approach to education, allowing children of all learning styles and personalities to be better supported in their journey. Fitness dice and self esteem bingo are just a few tools headed toward the same goal.

College may ever be on the mind of parents and counselors alike, but growth starts early. Children need to know as much as possible about the world to learn more about themselves. The President’s Council Of Advisors On Science And Technology discovered that nearly 40% of college students who major in either engineering or science will eventually switch to other subjects. This uncertainty can be better avoided with the aid of tools like self esteem bingo or a female anatomy chart to help children become better acquainted with their interests.

Children are our future. Let’s make sure to always support them.

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