Bike Accessories Can Cover You From Head To Toe

Millions of people ride bicycles in the U.S. every day, whether for leisure, exercise or as their primary means of transportation to work, school and other places. In fact, there has been a marked increase in the number of people using bikes to commute to work and school. Across the U.S., there has been a 46% increase in bicycle commuting since 2005. However, there are still only about 3.4 million Americans who are considered “frequent” bicycle riders, and most of the people who do ride bikes do so on less than 110 days of the year. Whether you ride your bike for fun or for utility, it’s important to have the right equipment.

One of the most important categories of cycling equipment is bike seats. Making sure you have the right bike seat is important not only for comfort but also for safety. Having a seat that is too small or too large can make it more likely that you fall from or crash your bike. There are a number of types of bike saddles and finding the most comfortable bike seat isn’t that hard. Any professional bike shop will have a wide variety of bike seats and can help you find one that is best for you.

Another vital item to go with your bike is a helmet. Bike helmets can save your life or prevent serious injury in a crash. You want to find a helmet that has a good safety rating and you also want to make sure that it fits you correctly. The helmet should fit snugly on your head so that it does not move around or shift while you are riding. Your best bet for finding the right helmet and getting a good fit is to go to a specialty bike shop.

Bicyclists in the U.S. spend more than $80 million each year on cycling gear, and there are plenty of other accessories you might want to go with your bike. Some items you might want to buy include water bottles, saddle bags, toe clips, gloves and clothing, and a bike rack. What items you choose will largely be due to personal tastes as well as utility to meet your bike riding needs.

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