Back to Basics: 3 Tips for Cooking With Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware is a fan-favorite cooking tool. At least one in five Americans say they prefer cooking at home because it goes them better control over what they eat, and cast iron gives you better control over how your food cooks.

Of course, it’s still important to follow some basic rules when it comes to cooking with cast iron. Here are a few tips you need to succeed when cooking with your professional cast iron cookware.

Use a Cooking Fat

Whether you’re using traditional cast iron or you’ve made the switch to nickel-plated cookware, it’s important to use a cooking fat. While you don’t need to season nickel-plated cast iron cookware, fat and oil add flavor and texture to your food. Fat also helps to make your food juicier. Fat’s effect isn’t limited only to meats and veggies, either. Fat and oil help to prevent baked goods from sticking to your pan and even make them flakier.

Pre-Heat Your Skillet

Whether you’re cooking with nickel-coated cookware or traditionally-seasoned cast iron, it’s essential to pre-heat your pan slowly over low-medium heat before you add your food. You don’t want to add the food to a cold pan. The reason for this is because the rate at which the pan is heated has a big influence on how your food will taste. There’s a big difference in how a steak tastes when it’s placed directly on a hot cast iron skillet versus being gradually cooked on a skillet that’s still warming up.

Wash Your Cast Iron

Many people who use traditional cast iron are often afraid of accidentally washing away the protective coating of their skillet. However, it’s important to clean your skillet. Using gentle dish soap and a sponge won’t ruin your cookware. Of course, with nickel-coated cast iron cookware, you don’t need to worry about ruining your seasoning because there’s no need to season your skillet. Nickel-coated cookware is already protected against rust. That means you can wash your cast iron cookware just like any other pan.

Ready to start cooking with nickel-plated cast iron cookware and experience the difference? Contact your local nickel-plated cookware company today for more information.

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