Are You Pregnant, Or Think You Might Be?

Am i pregnant

“Am I pregnant?” If you find that you’ve been asking yourself this question a lot lately, it’s probably time to get tested for pregnancy. Some clinics provide highly accurate blood sample based Norfolk pregnancy tests that can answer the “Am I pregnant?” question with certainty, but you may find that you want to start with a urine sample based self test from your local drug store.

This is especially important to do if you’re already showing common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, such as fatigue, nausea, breast swelling and tenderness, or frequent urination. Morning sickness may be the most obvious of these, as about 70 percent of pregnant women report experiencing at least some of this during the first trimester.

If you’ve already confirmed that you’re pregnant, hopefully you’re prepared to make the decision about whether or not you want to bring your pregnancy to term. In other words, once “Am I pregnant?” has been addressed, you need to decide if you’re “expecting” or if you are in need of abortion help. Particularly if your intent is to have your child, you’ll want to look into reliable and affordable providers of Norfolk or Virginia Beach ultrasound screenings.

The ultrasound generates images of the fetus, the amniotic sac and placenta in which it rests, and the ovaries. Some newer type ultrasounds even provide a three dimensional view of the fetus. This kind of procedure is invaluable for answering questions like “Am I pregnant with a boy or a girl?” or “Am I pregnant with a healthy baby?” and even “Am I pregnant with twins or tuplets?” Don’t let these questions linger on your mind when the technology and help is available to find out exactly the condition of your baby, and to help clarify all of your options.

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