Are You Concerned About the Health Effects of Obesity? A Medical Weight Loss Center May Be Helpful

Does diabetes cause weight gain

Are you concerned about your health and overall well-being? One way to maintain good health is to avoid weight gain and to actively seek out solutions for obesity. In America, obesity is commonly considered an “epidemic,” having increased at three times the rate it was at in 1980. Today, close to 80 million American men are characterized as obese or at the very least “overweight.”

But why is it so important to understand the symptoms of weight gain and fatigue and their relation to other serious medical conditions? The better one’s knowledge of the health risks associated with being obese, the more appropriately one can act to deal with them through the proper medical weight loss solutions.

For example, those who struggle with obesity are 10 times more likely to have heart disease than those who are not obese. According the Journal of the American Medical Association, if a woman who is pregnant has a body mass index (BMI) of at least 35, it is more likely that preterm labor may occur. Additionally, weight issues can put greater stress on joints in the body, even resulting in osteoarthritis. In answer to the question “Can diabetes cause weight gain?” it is more accurate to say that weight gain and being obese can make one more susceptible to diabetes. Obesity and high blood pressure can also be closely related.

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