An Cheaper Alternative to Hospital Emergency Room Treatment

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If you, a family member, or someone you are with needs immediate medical attention, where do you go? For the majority of Americans who find themselves in that situation, there is little question that the nearest hospital emergency room is the best option.

However, when you consider the high costs and long wait times that many hospital emergency room patients must endure, are hospital ERs really the best option for folks in need of emergency medical care? Although hospital emergency rooms really are the only option for traumatic injuries and serious acute illnesses, they are not the best choice for minor injuries and illnesses.

For people who need urgent medical care for minor injuries or illnesses, urgent care facilities might be the answer. While urgent care hours vary between facilities, they all have the resources needed to treat competently a variety less severe medical issues. For example, the typical urgent health care center treats bone fractures, sprains, muscle strains, lacerations, the flu, and more.

Of course, the top reasons to choose medical urgent care treatment in the first place are faster treatment and greater affordability. The Urgent Care Association of American claims that more than 55% of urgent care patients are treated within 15 minutes, while 80% will see a nurse or physician in less than an hour. How often does this happen in a hospital emergency room?

Then you also have to consider affordable urgent care costs. According to recent data, the average urgent care visit costs between 40% and 50% of what a hospital charges for emergency room care. The relatively cheap costs of urgent care treatment make it an ideal option for people without health care insurance.

Whether you’re looking for a cheaper emergency health care alternative, short wait time, or flexible urgent care hours, an urgent care center is probably the best option for you. After all, why wait longer and spend more money to receive the same care in a less pleasant place?
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