A Hospital Stay The Benefits Of IV Pump Equipment

In the United States, many Americans focus on their health. They exercise. They try to follow a healthy, balanced diet. They take prescription medications. They see doctors for yearly checkups. However, Americans are only human. With that said, we can still fall ill. Additionally, sometimes when we do fall ill or have medical conditions, we require a hospital visit. We can even require a hospital visit if we’re in different forms of accidents (car accidents, slips and falls for the elderly). Needless to say, Americans are not immune to a hospital stay, whether it’s early in life or late in life. If you or someone you know may need a hospital visit, here’s the benefits of IV Pump Equipment.

IV Pump Equipment

Let’s first being with infusion pumps. Infusion pumps have been in use in hospitals since the 1960s.To add to that, according to services at the University of Michigan Health Systems, 86% of patients admitted to hospitals require an infusion pump. So, it is accurate to say that infusion pumps are important and common. Essentially, infusion pumps are medical devices used to dispense medications, prescriptions, nutrients and saline to the patient through an IV. In fact, saline is the most common fluid patient’s receive (through an IV) in hospitals This IV ensures that the liquid substances enter the patient’s bloodstream immediately. There are two different ways fluids can go through an IV (and regulate the amount and rate of fluids). A nurse can distribute the fluids manually or by using an electric pump. In terms of IV pump equipment, there are many different types, and they each come with its own set of benefits.

Alaris Infusion Pumps : Alaris Infusion Pumps are smart pumps. This means that they use smart technology to achieve their purpose. Using smart technology makes these pumps more reliable than manual methods. These smart pumps assist the increase in safety for patients, clinicians and hospitals. They reduce infusing errors (which can be quite common depending on which method you use), reduce stress, and help make sure the patient is always receiving the best care with the latest technology free from infusion errors. They are also simple to use and the procedure of dispensing liquids and fluids into a patient is done quickly.

There are a handful of benefits that come with utilizing alaris infusion pumps. First, these pumps come with a customizable drug library. Additionally, this type of pump is a single point of care system that combines many different features. First, these smart pumps have Guardrails Suite MX Safety software, a large volume pump, a syringe, respiratory monitoring, and barcoding which helps protect every type of infusion. This is very important during the process of dispensing liquids, medications, and fluids into a patient.

Baxter Infusion Pump: A baxter infusion pump is another type of smart pump that is similar to an alaris infusion pump. This smart pump comes with full EMR integration. This allows for auto-programing and auto-documentation to be possible. This pump also makes the work easier for nurses or physicians, because it comes equipped with a on-screen barcode. Similar to alaris this smart pump has a drug library, and error prevention. It also features a single IV set for in-pump use, and end to end tag less asset tracking of location and pump status. This pump is beneficial because it’s easy to use, it’s safe, it protects patients, and it makes work run more smoothly.

A smart pump, and its use of technology is definitely a pump you’ll want if you’re experiencing a stay at the hospital.

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